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Peace, Justice


and the Planet




  • Peacehome Campaigns is a private consulting group which brings together skilled professionals in support of these goals:

  • Resourcing and helping to develop small to medium size non-profits that work for progressive  social change

  • Running, or co-organizing campaigns for these non-profits and progressive candidates that stand for progressive ideals

  • Running our own campaigns as needed and as the opportunities allow


We Organize for Peace AND Justice, and a safe, sustainable environment, working in coalition with human rights groups, local sustainability activists, the Black Lives Matter movement and other movements for civil and personal rights like woman's rights and the rights of the LGBT community, and first peoples rights among others. We are allied with prison reform organizations, gun control groups and.. of course ... members of the Peace Community THROUGHOUT THE USA!

 We are currently active in Florida and Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, but we have connections with national and international organizations.

We are an Associate Organization of Peace Action



The United States federal government has spent or obligated 4.8 trillion dollars on the wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. This figure includes: direct Congressional war appropriations; war-related increases to the Pentagon base budget; veterans care and disability; increases in the homeland security budget; interest payments on direct war borrowing; foreign assistance spending; and estimated future obligations for veterans’ care. READ MORE!



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